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In June of 2004, we went on a weeklong trip through the mid-west.  Here's a bunch of pictures from that trip.  First stop is Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri:

The lovely park entrance. A cool water powered clock.
One of the many craftsmen at the park. My dad can't follow directions well.
Inside Marvel Cave. Another shot in the cave.
Pretty self-explanatory here. A spinny ride.
Rapids Ride. Fire in the Hole.  A coaster so tame, even my mom rides it.
Grandfather's Mansion, a cool walk-thru attraction. Inside the mansion.
Missy and Olivia get in trouble. A water wheel.  (There's a bunch of 'em at the park.)
Thunderation, an Arrow mine train. Missy and Olivia on board.
Wildfire is a sweet B&M looper. Vertical loop.
Cobra Roll. A corner.

The next stop on our tour is Celebration City, located in the city limits of Branson:

Park Entrance. The Main Street is very well done.
The original Wild One. Big Ferris Wheel.
Entrance to one of the best woodies in the world. Funky, twisted track.
One of the many twists and turns on the ride. A fun little drop about half-way through the ride.
More twisted track. The space shot lit up at night.
The park has a great firework/laser show. More fireworks.
Micah got to see lightning bugs for the first time.

After leaving Branson, we travel to Kansas City and Worlds of Fun:

The entrance to the park. A cool, swinging boat ride.
Boomerang loop.
Some weird hippie van.
Mamba's first drop.
Micah even got his own sized bumper cars.
Spinning Dragons heads down a drop.
This picture was not staged. Timberwolf, a S&D POS.
Tammie got a solo ride though.
Wacky Worm kiddie coaster.
Micah checks out the park map.

Next on the agenda is Adventureland in Des Moines, IA (great little park, by the way):

Adventureland entrance. This was the cool swimming pool at the Adventureland Inn.
They have Bingo here! Micah playing with his monkey.
Don't let the looks fool you, this coaster is awful.
This is called the Mixer.  It's weird.
Outlaw's first drop.
Outlaw Gulch.
This weird ride is called Sawmill Splash.  It's like a waterslide. Sidewinder.
Micah loved this ride. It rained REALLY hard while we were there.
The train had to wait for these geese to move.
Underground theming. Micah's first wooden coaster!!!

Continuing north, we go to Valleyfair in Shakopee, MN:

Park entrance.
Aaron on Steel Venom.
Micah tries out a seat from Steel Venom. Corkscrew.
Excalibur is a weird mine train type coaster without the mine train aspect.
High Roller High Roller's lift hill
Big Bigger
Biggest Wild Thing is a fun hyper coaster.

That evening, we went to the Mall of America and the park formerly known as Camp Snoopy:

A Ferris Wheel. Ghost Blasters is a cool interactive dark ride.
Kiddie coaster. Tammie and Micah on said kiddie coaster.
The log flume at The Park Formerly Known as Camp Snoopy is one of the best.
Remote control T-Rex Skeleton.
Pretty fun little family coaster.
This is a very fun spinning coaster.

And, the final park of the trip was Arnolds Park in northwestern Iowa:

The view from the lake.
This "ride" is weird.  You sit on a bench and the whole room spins.
Ferris Wheel has a nice view from the top.
These nutty bars are sooooooooo good.
The park's train ride. Is this Tiny Town?
I think this explains itself well. The Legend is a great classic woodie.
Legend as the sun sets.
The twisting first drop of Legend.
Legend rolls right under the Tipsy House.

That's it for the pictures.   Everyone of these parks are really nice.  I especially recommend Silver Dollar City and Adventureland for being absolutely outstanding parks.  You should also go to Arnolds Park if you can while it's still open.